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07/01/09 10:53amEren email

Hello everyone...Im hoping im the one who can take over from the lotr project and then post it when im done on the hiveworkshop site :)

11/26/08 02:17amSidheKnight a.k.a Brainframe

Excellent site! I can't wait for the LOTR campaign.

Comment: Sorry, but maybe you should read the sad news: hp?ID=22

10/07/08 07:11amTyreal.F.E.A.R.

Nice site needs mo content lol i am going to implement that jumping system as much as i can and gice credit like a MOTHER F____R

06/25/08 07:24aml3 r i n g - I t

Cool Site, Awsome Cinamatic i Really liked wathing it! Smiley

12/17/07 05:28amSeannny email homepage

Dude, Your system is pretty sweet. Thanks For putting up to download Dragonblood Guys...


12/15/07 04:18amDaedinXZ email homepage

Sup everybody! Hey i just found your cinematic "The Premonition" and I wanted to see what camera system you used because it was I came here! This site is awesome! I love your camera and jump systems!

08/09/07 11:27pmNazgul! email

Wauw! This site is soo coool! A nice campaign and nice downloads! Smiley

04/24/07 06:13amKevin email


06/01/06 03:01pmM-joy email

Now I also write my rubish in the english forum Smiley

06/01/06 07:32amDD_Draco email homepage

Waldbaer love your site, and your maps (execpt when they arent english :D)

03/11/06 07:37pmOlof Moleman homepage

You should add to your links. and the download links still don't work, and I've tried to delete my cookies and stuff.

Comment: It was not your fault, it was a bug on the site. Now everything s hould work correctly.
wc3campaigns is a cool site, I deleted it because it was shut down but as it seems to be up again and I'll add it again... done.

03/10/06 04:03pmOlof Moleman homepage

I can't download the playable beta maps.

03/05/06 01:32pmGindam Goblin

I totaly forgot to say hello! So... ...HELLO Smiley Smiley

03/03/06 11:38amOlof Moleman homepage

overal the LotR Fellowship of the Ring seems to become a cool campain, but I don't like the look of the models like Saruman and the hobbits.

03/01/06 10:08pmbounty hunter2 email homepage

Hi there I am from BloodFeather

02/05/06 09:53pmWaldbaer email homepage

As I am the owner of this site, I am pleased to have the first entry in the guestbook. So now I'm waiting for your ones! Smiley

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